Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In and around Kincardine

Four Members of the Victoria Park Gallery have their work up at Bean's Bistro.  The three on the left are mine.  Bean's is a great unique little coffee shop in Kincardine where I love to sit over looking the Harbour and enjoy a latte.  I have one more on display but it's not pictured.  As well as at the Victoria Park Gallery, I have some art on display at Dr Deller-Quin's office and the Tourism Office.

New at the Victoria Park Gallery, November Lake Before The Snow 24 x 40 Oil on Canvas

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fall Art and Events

My booth at the Artful Hands Show, Kincardine Pavilion last weekend.  
A little bit of felting and a lot of art inspired by the lake nearby.

PD day kids birch trees at the Kincardine Library. 
I have the opportunity to volunteer at the Kincardine Library teaching kids workshops during some of the PD days in the past year,  This is what they did last week.  It is free for the kids and fun for me!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer of Fun

It's been a wonderful summer.  A summer of fun at the beach, skate park and visiting with cousins.  I am lucky to be able to work around the schedule of my 7 year old.  This summer that meant less work and more play!  It was a success!  School starts soon enough.

There was a bit of painting mixed into the fun.  Last summer we moved close to my inspiration, Lake Huron.  I can't see the lake from our house but I am close enough that I can hear the waves and know when I just jump on my bike and go snap some reference photos.

23 x 36 Mixed Media on Canvas.  Sold.

Members of the Victoria Park Gallery enjoyed a relaxing day painting at the Peace Garden in Kincardine at Geddes Park.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lake of Dreams

It's been a small works fall.  My studio is finished but it is a disaster that hasn't been cleaned up since the Artfull Hands show the end of November.  With felting, card making for Christmas and new curtains done, I am happy to have a couple of new paintings complete.  Size doesn't matter.

Lake of Dreams  Oil on Canvas 6x6

Lake of Mine  Oil on Canvas 8x10

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Place to Paint

Finally.  I feel like I am working.  We moved in July, my paints were in boxes crammed in a piled up disaster until our basement and my new studio were finished.  
I am very excited.  My studio is  almost unpacked, almost ready for classes but the best and most important - I have a window, good lighting and I am busy.  And, I am now an Independent Consultant with Arbonne, a botanical based health and wellness company.  Lots going on.
This week I am featured in the local papers as a new member of the Victoria Park Gallery in Kincardine.  Lisa Farrell moves home after 22 years and loves living by the lake!  Yes, I do.  
Today I am felting a beret and painting in preparation for Artful Hands November 29 and 30.

Artist Lisa Farrell of Kincardine with her oil painting, "Moments," featured at the Victoria Park Gallery in downtown Kincardine.  http://kincardinetimes.com/

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Activities

This summer we move.  Home, to my hometown.  
Husband retires from his first career and starts his second.  
I keep painting.  Right up until the packers come.
My only show this summer will be at the Gates July 3 to July 13.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Paintings

Lola's Coffee House in House in Brighton is a great supporter of the Brighton Arts Council.  Art changes monthly.  This month I share the space with John Granton a talented photographer.

John thought it would be fun if I painted one of his photos for the show.  Here is my take on his winter swan.

I had so much fun painting the yellow flower, I painted this poppy using the same techniques.  It incorporates texture, stamping, acrylics and oil glazes and palette knife application.